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SHIBAURA becomes strategic alliance with HIEP HOA Group

Mr. Hirokazu Kaneko – representatives of Shibaura – IHI Group came to Vietnam to have a meeting with Hiep Hoa Group. Representatives of both companies discussed about the characteristics of Shibaura portable firefighting pump as well as oriented the business plan and collaboration in 2017 and further years.

As one of the leaders in portable firefighting pump manufacturer, Shibaura pump is highly evaluated in international markets due to its remarkable features. In particular, innovative air-cooled system assists Shibaura pump to use any sources of water, even dirty water and seawater. Moreover, thank to fully water cooled radiator, Shibaura can operate in no load suction condition up to 15 minutes while other brands have to switch off after 5 minutes.

In conclusion, as both representatives highlighted, the collaboration is expected to bring many opportunities. One side, Shibaura portable fire pump quality is proved whereas Hiep Hoa Group is the leader in Vietnamese market in terms of manufacturing and assembling firefighting and rescue equipment and vehicles.

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