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Collecting waste
the intelligent way

Optimising waste management through new technologies  

As cities continue to grow, we need to find smarter ways to handle rising waste levels. By 2030, municipalities will be expected to handle 2.6 billion tonnes of waste every year. An increase of almost 30% in just over a decade. The challenge is to manage this waste in a manner that results in a clean, safe and healthy environment for everyone.   

Is conventional waste collection the best way?

With conventional waste management, refuse trucks tend to follow a fixed schedule. This means bins can be collected regardless if they are full or not, leading to the risk of overflowing rubbish. At the other end of the scale, trucks might also end up collecting very little – leading to wasted resources. 

These challenges create an opening for smarter ways to collect waste. Such as sensors used to create better routes or more efficient distribution of rubbish bins. These sensors also monitor rubbish levels in real time, allowing collection providers to pass on cost savings to area businesses. 

In short, smart, intelligent applications keep improving waste management collection by giving sanitation workers insight into the actual fill level of various disposal units – with rubbish loads always changing.

Empty more bins, faster, with the latest Bucher Municipal technology

At Bucher Municipal, we are focused on optimising the entire waste collection process through smarter operations – and we’ve started with picking up bins more efficiently. 

One solution is the Bucher SPORT side loader refuse truck. With its innovative, automatic bin grabber, drivers can easily access multiple bins side by side without having to leave their vehicle to reposition them. The result? The capacity to empty up to 20% more bins per hour.

20% more
bins emptied every hour

Furthermore, the truck’s short wheelbase and adaptive hydraulic system reduce noise pollution and lower fuel consumption by 7%.

7% less
fuel consumption

And then there is reliability. Improved vehicle design and material specification ensure businesses can expect a 35% reduction in replacement parts and maintenance costs over the life span of the vehicle.

35% reduction
in replacement parts and maintenance costs
over the life span of the vehicle.

This new and innovative technology proves it is possible to achieve maximum productivity with a minimal environmental footprint.


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